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White Smile Clinic specialises in laser teeth whitening. With clinics in Dublin, Cork and Limerick we are nationwide. Over the past nine years we have performed more than 50,000 treatments. We certainly have the knowledge and expertise to give you the best possible teeth whitening results. Treatment featured on:


All Clinics Open Monday To Saturday 9am To 7pm.

Jade Martina Lynch, Big Brother UK Contestant 2015
I recently had my teeth whitened at White Smile Clinic and I have to say I couldn’t be happier. Not only was it a brilliant service but they gave me all the information I need to help keep my teeth white long term. The clinic was clean, fresh and very welcoming and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to make their smiles pearly white!
Kamal Ibrahim, Former Mr World
Loving my results from White Smile Clinic
David Behan, Go Gym
My teeth look amazing! Would highly recommend and such a great price! Thank You!
Karena Graham, Model