3 Major Reasons To Have Teeth Whitening –

1) Tooth staining – over the years our teeth become stained due to wear and tear, diet, smoking or illness. The staining process is slow but your teeth can end up being a very different shade to your natural shade if you do not take simple measures to maintain the shade. Laser teeth whitening and home teeth whitening kits are by far the easiest ways to maintain your white smile. Teeth whitening cost is minimal compared with a full cosmetic revamp of your small. There are many teeth whitening reviews available online – or check out our previous blog for more info.

2) Confidence and self esteem – it is incredible what a bright white smile can do for your confidence. Not only will colleagues and acquaintances complement you, but you will also feel more confident when you smile rather than hiding your teeth behind your lips. Teeth whitening again is the quick fix for this and really will bring out the best in your smile. A bad smile is far more noticeable!

3) Vanity – your smile is the most obvious and visible asset you have. It is one of the top criteria the opposite sex will take into account when evaluating you as a potential partner. It is so important to give yourself great teeth to go along with your smile. No one wants to see a messy and heavily stained mouth full of teeth. It’s not nice. Consider teeth whitening to help get your teeth back to the way they once were and for you to look the best you can. Why look good when you can look great!!

At White Smile Clinic teeth whitening Dublin, Cork and Limerick we can produce these fantastic results within the hour. If you have any queries or would like to make an appointment please do not hesitate to get in touch. Many thanks for reading.