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White Smile Clinic is the largest and longest established specialist provider of teeth whitening in the country. We have performed over 70,000 laser teeth whitening treatments in Ireland. Our team of Irish registered dentists and dental professionals draw upon unsurpassed industry experience. We therefore ensure that our patients receive the very best treatment, results and after care. White Smile Clinic only uses medically graded devices and whitening gels. As you would expect, we employ strict standards in dental governance and hygiene.


Selfies have become as important as your oral health care! Here are a few fun photos of our team at White Smile Clinic and a small bio to boot. We all hope to see you soon in one of our clinics.

Erika is our lead dentist in Mount Merrion. Erika qualified with a dentistry degree and a post graduate degree in Orthodontics from Valencia, Spain in 1994. Erika has been practicing private general dentistry and orthodontics since qualifying. Erika spends her spare time cooking, running and most importantly with her family.
Inga has been with White Smile Clinic since inception in 2010. Inga is an Irish registered dentist with an outstanding knowledge in teeth whitening. Hobbies include singing, dancing, opera and watching box sets.
DIANA SALOMIAClinic Manager/Oral Health Educator
Diana has been with White Smile Clinic since 2009 and is our main oral health professional based in our surgery in Mount Merrion, Dublin. She has over 12 years experience working in ICU Maxilla Facial Surgery Dept in St. James. Diana also contributes to our clinics by taking dental impression and doing laboratory work, x-ray/digital imaging, infection control and coordinating dental treatment plans. Diana is passionate about providing great advise regarding oral hygiene. Diana recently graduated in Oral Health Education from the National University of Galway. Diana is a very bubbly person and loves to chat with her patients; she also likes to cook, watch films, bird watching and hiking.
ROSEMARY NESBITTDental Professional - Limerick
Rosemary has been with White Smile Clinic since we opened in Limerick in 2010. Rosemary has an expert knowledge in all things teeth whitening. She has performed every treatment in Limerick since day one. Rosemary loves to hike and horse ride in her spare time.
RUTH TALLONClinic Manager/Patient Management
Ruth has been with White Smile Clinic since 2016. Prior to joining us, Ruth was also working in the dental field in Perth, Australia for over 5 years.
She is our clinic administration manager and patient coordinator. She ensures that all our dental clinics are run efficiently and effectively every day. Ruth enjoys watching movies, cooking and going to the gym in her spare time.
ALEX THOMASGroup Manager
In 2007, Alex co-founded White Smile Clinic, establishing clinics in Dublin and Cork immediately. In 2010, during a recessionary Ireland, Alex made his way to New Zealand to start White Smile Dental. He established a head dental surgery in Takapuna on the North Shore of Auckland. Since then, he has expanded White Smile Dental back to Ireland. Alex likes to go to the gym in his spare time, although he would like to go more often!! Other hobbies include reading and watching box sets.

Why White Smile Clinic?

With a wide array of treatment providers, you are possibly confused! You will naturally want to find a provider that can ensure the best possible results without compromising the health of your precious teeth and gums.

In choosing White Smile Clinic, you will experience the many benefits that come with being Ireland’s largest and most experienced tooth whitening specialist. You will take great peace of mind knowing that:

  • We only use Irish registered dentists, doctors and dental professionals.

  • We have performed over 70,000 treatments nationwide (January 2017).

  • We have 4 clinic locations in Dublin, Cork, and Limerick.

  • We use the best technology available worldwide, Class IA Medical Device and FDA approved, winning best teeth whitening laser the last 6 years.

  • Our prices are hugely competitive. In fact, many beauty practices using vastly inferior treatments are more expensive than White Smile Clinic!


Our products are ordered directly from Beyond Dental & Health™®, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in whitening technology. We have worked very hard to try and find the best teeth whitening technology on the world market place. This has involved several trials with other whitening systems and considerable research.

Significantly, we only use medically graded machinery, whitening gels and consumables such as tooth pastes and mouth washes. All of our products have undergone a plethora of clinical trials and for several years they have consistently come out on top in terms of:

  • Safety features
  • Level of measurable whitening results
  • Patient comfort and ease of use
  • Looks, feel and design

They have been awarded several accolades from industry leading authorities, and hold the most stringent compliance certifications, including:

  • Editor’s choice, The Dental Advisory Board, 2014
  • Dental Shopper 2014 best whitening system
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing Certificate
  • CE medical grades (Class Ia and IIa)

The Beyond®™ systems used at White Smile Clinic utilise revolutionary cold blue laser technology. It eradicates all UV and Infra Red light, removing the risk of adverse symptoms such as sunburn, severe tooth dehydration or sensitivity.

In a nutshell, we cannot find another system that yields the same good results, whilst maximising the comfort and ease of treatment for our patients.

Teeth whitening will occur when Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is exposed to the dentin of a tooth (the layer of the tooth directly under the enamel). When Hydrogen Peroxide penetrates through the enamel, pigmentation found in the dentin oxidizes. This renders a lighter finish which is reflected through the translucent enamel.

Other teeth whitening systems incorporate the use of a heat lamp or similar product to accelerate the oxidization process. The downside of such treatment methods is that the use of heat as an accelerant causes a host of adverse symptoms, including; itching and skin irritation, gum irritation, mild to severe burning, sunburn and exposure to harmful UV radiation.
Our laser teeth whitening system overcomes these harmful effects by using a beam of high intensity blue light, which is filtered through over 13,500 optical fibres. The light is finally filtered through 30 layers of coated optical glass.

Harmful Ultra-Violet (UV) light is completely removed due to the filtering system, leaving only a focused beam of cold light in the blue-cyan spectrum. This penetrates deep into the teeth, enabling oxidization to occur without any of the harmful side-effects.

  • Safe and effective up to 14 shades whiter in one hour
  • Latest technology from the U.S
  • FDA/ CE approved medical device
  • Non invasive
  • Warm and committed staff
  • Extensively tested, proven not to damage teeth or gums
  • Carried out over 70,000 treatments nationwide
  • Treatments performed by Irish registered dentists/dental professionals
  • Treatment takes one hour including same day consult
  • Unlimited aftercare and advice

Our products are ordered directly from Beyond Dental & Health™®, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in whitening technology. We have worked very hard to try and find the best teeth whitening technology on the world market place. This has involved several trials with other whitening systems and considerable research.


Was here yesterday to get laser whitening treatment and I couldn’t recommend highly enough. The dentist was really lovely and explained everything both before and as she was going along. Really felt at ease and my teeth look and feel so so much better and brighter. Will definitely be back!


Literally sitting in the waiting room at the clinic in mount merrion and I’ve just had my teeth whitened. Thought I would write the review now so I can express my thoughts straight after having the procedure. It took an hour and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the results!! My teeth went from being pretty dull to sparkling white – Couldn’t believe my eyes when she showed me the mirror. The service was impeccable, didn’t feel like I was in a dentist surgery at all. Diana did my teeth for me and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of getting their teeth whitened. The price was also really reasonable considering I walked into a dentist off Grafton st the other day and they wanted 700 euro! They’ve got a September deal on at the moment so I would highly recommend anyone who is considering teeth whitening to go for it!! Couldn’t be happier x


Was over in Limerick clinic today. I am really happy with the result thank you white smile 🙂))))

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