Not all teeth whitening treatments are created equal. For the best results, you need to book an appointment! However, if you have a bit of time and the know-how you can do an at home top-up. We’re going to showcase a few different kinds. Before doing any of them – consult your dentist!

Up first: Peroxide-containing bleaching agents

This is defined as a produced, intended for teeth whitening, that contains carbamide peroxide. That then breaks down into hydrogen peroxide and urea – of which hydrogen peroxide is the active bleaching agent. For these, the most common side effects are tooth sensitivity and/or occasional irritation of soft tissues in the mouth. The at-home kits; items from pastes to strips to rinses, must contain no more then 10 percent carbide peroxide.

Everything from peroxide level to the type of active ingredients to how they are applied may vary widely. Be sure to talk to your dentist before you make such a big step. They can suggest the right products for your needs and lifestyle.