To achieve the best results from teeth whitening it is important that you follow up your laser teeth whitening treatment with the use of a teeth whitening kit/home kit. Laser teeth whitening alone is generally enough for patients, but if you really want to get great results we at White Smile Clinic recommend the use of a tooth whitening home kit after laser tooth whitening.

1. Beyond Staywhite Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits: These kits are a little stronger than the standard take home kit. They are really great to bring your teeth up a few extra shades after the laser teeth whitening treatment. These kits may also be used for teeth whitening alone, but it would take persistent use over a two week period. €70

2. Standard White Smile Clinic Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit: These kits will definitely maintain the shade achieved in clinic from the laser teeth whitening. It will help to whiten the teeth a shade or so after the laser whitening. It should really be used as a maintenance kit more so than a sole whitening kit. €30

3. Beyond Pearl White Whitening Toothpaste: Using whitening toothpaste in conjunction with the laser teeth whitening and home teeth whitening kits will produce and help to maintain your fantastic results. This should be used at least once a day. €10