Teeth whitening is a huge industry worldwide, simply because the treatments do produce results. Teeth whitening treatments have been available to the public on a grand scale for many years. We know when we opened our first White Smile Clinic eight years ago we were the first and best tooth whitening specialist in Ireland, and consequently became the largest in the country.

Demand was extremely high and tooth whitening, especially laser tooth whitening, was becoming common place as word started to spread, this is down to the simple fact that we produce results and the science behind teeth whitening was ground breaking. Teeth whitening is a phenomenon which has been proved time and time again. Not every patient will receive the best results every time, as every individual is different, and there are different variables that affect results. For instance, it may take two laser treatments or the use of a home whitening kit.

We would like to discuss the best teeth whitening and most common teeth whitening treatments to give our patients the chance to make more informed decisions when considering teeth whitening treatments:

1) Laser teeth whitening – laser teeth whitening is the most common and efficient form of teeth whitening treatment. Patients are in and out within the hour including same day consultation. The treatment consists of applying advanced formula teeth whitening gels to the teeth and placing the laser in front of the mouth area. The are many forms of laser teeth whitening available, but Zoom teeth whitening and Beyond laser teeth whitening are the most common and produce by far the best results over and above any other laser whitening treatment.

2) Home whitening kits – the home teeth whitening kits take a bit more work and time but do produce similar results to the Beyond laser teeth whitening and the Zoom laser teeth whitening over time. For optimal results the home whitening should be used for at least 10 days in a row for an hour per day. The results are good but it does require discipline and consistency.

3) Teeth whitening strips – Crest Whitestrips or Crest teeth whitening strips would be the most well known brand for this form of teeth whitening. The patient places a disposable plastic strip onto their teeth which contains a whitening gel that is safe for the enamel. The strips are non slip and large to cover the entire area of the teeth. The maximum exposure to whitening strips should be twice a day for 30 minutes or so.

All in all each treatment has their own pros and cons. At White Smile Clinic Dublin, Cork and Limerick we would be strong advocates for the Beyond laser teeth whitening or Zoom laser teeth whitening followed by the use of a home teeth whitening kit or crest whitening strips and this will produce the best teeth whitening results possible.