For most of us that caffeine hit in the morning is an essential part of our daily routine. I tend to have a couple of cups a day, but some of my friends are caffeine fiends who need five or six to keep their day on track. Now this is mostly coffee we are talking about but lets not forget we are also a nation of tea drinkers and we wouldn’t change any of it!

The health benefits of coffee and especially tea are well documented but i’m afraid they are the enemy of gleaming white teeth. Smoking is enemy number one but we all know that goes for every part of the body.

We’d never dream of telling you not to smoke, its your personal choice so we certainly wouldn’t dare tell you to stop drinking tea or coffee we just want to let you know that the number one enemy of tea/coffee and tobacco stains is teeth whitening!

A good scale and polish with the hygienist will of course do but for the most part they are the number one enemy of plague and those nasties lurking under the gum line. Laser teeth whitening or home trays help to penetrate deep into the teeth to help eliminate all sorts of food and drink stains and it works incredibly well.

So if like me you have no intention of giving up that daily caffeine fix then give us a call or e-mail to see how we can help banish those nasty stains and leave you with nothing but bright white teeth.

Now, where’s my skinny latte?!