Our amazing take home kit with custom trays is now available. If you pop down to the chemists a get a kit – it won’t be like this. With enough get of six at home treatments and custom trays, you’ll have amazing up keep in no time.

Custom trays are all the rage for one reason: they do what those boil-at-home gum shields can never do. The boil-at-home sometimes have awkward gays, don’t seal properly, and are a bit of a pain. They are heavy, bulky, and just uncomfortable to wear, no matter what you do. Plus it is just not fun to stand there and jam that warm bit of plastic into your mouth. There has to be a better way.

That’s where our amazing custom trays come in. The trays are casted to fit your mouth perfectly. Supreme comfort means you can sleep in these with ease. Don’t worry about palate size or sore jaws – the trays are made to measure. Due to the unique contorting of the casting the whitening gel will get everywhere it needs to. On top of all that they are light weight and require no extra steps on your part. Just load them up with treatment and you are ready to go!

White Smile Clinic makes the casts in a short session. We then take the time to do a free consolation and tailor the treatment and gel to you! Take advantage of our Christmas offer – a full hour laser whitening treatment, custom trays, and six take-home gel sessions for only €224.