Teeth whitening has become one of the more competitive industries over the past number of years, especially in Ireland. The competition is arising from beauticians and one man bands trying to get involved in a market that essentially they know nothing about. There is quite a difference between a non dental professional and a dental professional performing laser teeth whitening and take home kit teeth whitening treatments. White Smile Clinic shall explain the difference.

Dental Grade Teeth Whitening:

· Dental grade laser teeth whitening system (only available to dental professionals)

· Dental grade laser teeth whitening gels – better results

· Experienced dentist/dental professional to carry out the procedure and consultation

· Aftercare advice and advice on follow up treatments – patients may require more than one laser teeth whitening session depending on level of staining of teeth

· Ongoing support and advice if required after treatments

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening:

· Non dental professional, inexperienced and not certified to carry out laser teeth whitening treatments.

· Use of LED laser system or other type of laser system that is comparative to shining a torch on patients teeth – no effect

· Use of teeth whitening gels that do not have any effect. Generally these gels show results for a few hours and then revert back to original colour after teeth whitening treatment

· One size fits all attitude – no matter what condition or state your teeth are in they will perform laser teeth whitening treatments and hope that they get results. Treatments will not be tailored to a patients needs.

· Patients will not be advised appropriately, patients may require more than one treatment in clinic especially if bad staining, or the use of a take home kit

· Patients will not be turned away if they are not suitable – the non dental professional will perform the laser teeth whitening procedure even if the patient is not suitable

· Patients are called “customers”

· Inadequate aftercare and advice which may result in reversion of results and sensitivity

At White Smile Clinic Dublin, Cork and Limerick we have performed over 50,000 treatments in the last eight years in Ireland, including our dental surgeries in New Zealand. This has laid a foundation of unparalleled experience and knowledge of laser teeth whitening and teeth whitening treatments. We know what works best to get those pearly whites smiling bright. Patients should consider very carefully where they attend to have laser teeth whitening. White Smile Clinic employs dentists and dental professionals to complete all laser teeth whitening treatments. Aside from White Smile Clinic and obvious dental surgeries throughout Ireland most other teeth whitening shops should be avoided or entered at your own risk. These shops are business persons looking for profits, not ethics.