Look after your teeth at home, ensuring you perform the basic dental treatments at home will go a long way to help to prevent any major work required down the line.

We all know its the most basic of tasks, but brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time is really the minimum you should be doing to keep your teeth healthy. Use an electric tooth brush where possible and don’t brush hard as it can cause gum recession.

As we pointed out in last weeks blog (https://www.whitesmileclinic.ie/about-us/blog/2014/11/14/teeth-whitening-toothpaste-uncovered/) there is very little point in investing in expensive toothpastes, how you use your brush tends to be more important.

Flossing twice a day is as essential as brushing although a lot of us do not make time for this. Flossing hinders the build up of plaque on the teeth and therefore will help towards combating decay.

There are divided opinions on mouthwash – it is not as important as brushing and flossing where we know that performing brushing and flossing twice daily is scientifically proven to prevent decay and problems evolving with your oral health.

Sugar really is the enemy. Avoid colas and soft drinks with added sugar. It is recommended no more than 4 teaspoons of added sugar per day.

Brushing your way to whiter teeth is not possible, changes in our diets and modern lifestyles make maintaining white teeth very difficult. The best treatment is of course teeth whitening once every 12 – 18 months to help clear the staining. It is also critical to have your teeth cleaned every 6 months to a year. The cost of this maintenance is minimal compared to what it may cost if you do not maintain your teeth as major issues may occur.

If you were to follow the above steps there is no doubt that your teeth will avoid any severe and major treatments required down the line. Obviously wear and tear will result in treatments being required every now and again. If your teeth are not quite to the standard you desire then it may be necessary to consider veneers/braces and other forms of cosmetic dentistry.

Either way its definitely worth doing everything you can to maintain your teeth on a daily basis to ensure major work is not required further down the line.