There are few subtle differences between in clinic laser teeth whitening and your regular over the counter teeth whitening products. The main similarity between the two form of teeth whitening is that they both use some form of peroxide for the whitening effect. Below are some differences.

1) In clinic laser teeth whitening:

In clinic teeth whitening is a little bit stronger, and will be professionally monitored throughout the treatment. Our dentists can make recommendations for teeth whitening based on your the type of staining you may have. In clinic whitening can be performed in a couple of different ways, both of which will be professionally monitored. The type of whitening treatment recommend will also be based on what you want to achieve in terms of brightening your smile. In clinic teeth whitening is very efficient and great for removing the likes of tetracycline staining (antibiotic).

2) Over the counter products – whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, rinses

Contain very small strengths of peroxide when compared with in clinic laser teeth whitening. The maximum legal limit to be sold over the counter is only .1% hydrogen peroxide, therefore there would be very little whitening effect. These products will not be monitored by your dental professional and may not be suitable for your particular teeth.