Before whitening your teeth you may want to consider using our checklist to ensure you know everything about teeth whitening – it has become a very common treatment over the years, however there are a few important points to consider

Consider having a dental clean prior to teeth whitening as this will help to maximise the results from the laser teeth whitening treatment.

Only ever have your teeth whitening treatment done by full dental professionals. There are many non dental professionals performing teeth whitening treatments which can result in side effects

For very best results you should have the laser teeth whitening procedure followed by the use of a take home teeth whitening kit. EU regulations restricts teeth whitening gels used to 6%, this means teeth whitening requires consistency and maintenance after the laser treatment. Using the take home kit will help to maintain the shade achieved from the laser teeth whitening.

Always consider your own expectations and what you want to achieve, it is important to let your dental practitioner know what results you would like and are expecting – then there are no conflicts after the treatment. The dental practitioner can devise a teeth whitening treatment plan to ensure you reach your goals. Be realistic about the results you expect – sometimes its not as easy as just saying i’ll get my teeth whitened and they will be fantastic straight away. Everyone is different and therefore each individual may require more than just a laser teeth whitening session.

Hopefully these few points to consider will help you in your quest for whiter teeth. If I were to note two things I would say – have your teeth cleaned prior to laser teeth whitening and use the take home kit after, both of these will provide you with the best results possible.