Many thanks to for the review of our teeth whitening services…..

We went to White Smiles clinic to have our teeth whitened last week and here is how we got on!!

The teeth whitening takes quite a while to do, from start to finish around 75 mins but its worth it for the end result. They start by fitting a guard in your mouth to open your gums and allow access to your teeth. Then they paint your teeth with a gel and place a laser light machine in front of your teeth for 20 mins. They wipe off the gel and then reapply another layer and put the laser machine back to sit in front of your mouth for another 20 mins. Then they repeat this process again.

I have a big of a gag reflex and this procedure did not bother me at all. It is not uncomfortable because the mouth guard does not touch off the top pallet at the top of the mouth, so you can breath quite easily though-out the procedure.

For the teeth whitening, its usually €125 but at the moment, they have a special offer in May of €79.

We had teeth whitening done a year ago in a beauty clinic and that cost €89 and took about 20 mins. That treatment was good but not great. My teeth were about 4 shades whiter after the treatment and I was happy – but not thrilled with it. I had expected a better result.

With White Smiles, we definitely got a better result. Both of us came out smiling at each other and laughing at how nice our teeth were looking!

White Smiles clinic does loads of services including scale & polish, braces and they have flexi payment options for services like braces, to make it affordable for customers.

Takes about 75 minutes for the treatment and you cannot have tea, coffee, dark food for 48 hours after it. The guide line they use is, if the item you are thinking of eating or drinking would stain a white shirt, then don’t have it!!

Definitely feeling like our smiles are brighter this week! :D