Being the manager of White Smile Clinic, friends and acquaintances always ask me. ‘Alex, is laser teeth whitening the best option for me or would the home whitening kit suit me better?’ My answer is always the same. You need both!

Now it’s true as with most things that for some people laser teeth whitening suits best and for others the home whitening kit would better suit their circumstance. But for MOST people serious about teeth whitening both applications are important for your desired result, and here’s why;

Laser teeth whitening;

Laser whitening is fantastic at producing what every one wants, and that’s an instant improvement or whiter smile in one hour. Within the hour on average our system achieves 8.5 shades whiter. This gives you the customer what you want within a short time frame without any wait time. Whereas if you used the home whitening kit alone it takes 14 days to see the same result.

Home teeth whitening kit;

Home kits for teeth whitening where you are given a gum shield tailored to your mouth are popular and effective as a stand alone product and for people with severe staining are a must. However they take a concerted effort on your part as they require an hour a day for fourteen days to see the desired result.

Laser whitening and home kit combined;

So here is exactly why i tell most people who are serious about teeth whitening that both applications are essential for your white smile, its simple and makes complete sense.

Laser teeth whitening gives you the result you desire in one hour, right away you can show off to friends and family.
The home kit should then be used to maintain your new shade following laser whitening.
When you notice the shade dipping you simply use the home kit for an hour over a couple of days and the shade will come right back as new. It is by far the best way to ensure you maintain the shade for a prolonged period.

Our standard price for laser whitening is €99 and our home kits are €30 and €70 for the small and large kits.