Everyone notices bad teeth. Why not look after your teeth keeping them healthy and white. According to a recent study nearly 30% of people attempt to hide their teeth from photos. White teeth make you look and feel more confident, younger and even allow teeth that are not perfect to look pretty much perfect. Your smile is so important and one of your greatest assets when confident to use it. Here is a step by step to getting glowing white teeth and to ensure you ooze that confidence on a daily basis.

Step 1: If you have not had a dental clean (scale & polish) in the six months prior to your teeth whitening treatment then we would suggest that you consider having this prior to the treatment. We offer this at White Smile Dental in our Mount Merrion surgery for only €59 which also includes a full dental check up with our head dentist Dr Richard Flynn.

Step 2: If you go ahead with a full dental clean then straight after we would take you to our teeth whitening room. Here you will under go a really easy, efficient and straightforward procedure known as laser teeth whitening (€79). We simply apply one gel to upper and lower arches and place the laser in front of the mouth area. The total treatment time including consultation is approx one hour. Both the dental clean and laser teeth whitening can be done on the same day one after the other within 1.5 hours. We perform both treatments in our Mount Merrion dental surgery.

Step 3: Once you are finished with the laser teeth whitening treatment we would always recommend using a teeth whitening take home kit to ensure maintenance and further whitening of the shade achieved in clinic from the laser teeth whitening. We would recommend using the teeth whitening kit for 10 days in a row, 3 hours per day immediately after the in clinic laser teeth whitening treatment. This will really reinforce the shade achieved from the laser teeth whitening and will help to maintain the shade for longer periods.

Step 4: This is the maintenance stage and probably the most important to help hang on to those beautiful new white teeth. We recommend the use of an award winning whitening toothpaste every day when brushing. This should be complemented by flossing. Flossing is the almost more important that brushing as it gets to the places that brushing cannot. If you feel the shade of your teeth is slightly dimming further down the line then simply pop in your teeth whitening take home kit for five days in a row to give your teeth it that all important boost.

These steps when done correctly will definitely produce wonderfully whiten teeth, its proven, I do it myself and maintain an awesome shade. Everyone comments on my teeth, after 8 years in the teeth whitening and dental industry we know what works. Good luck and enjoy your new found confidence.