Brushing of the teeth:

At White Smile Clinic we have patients everyday for teeth whitening in Dublin, Limerick and Cork. Throughout the country we see all sorts of issues relating to their teeth. Prior to even considering teeth whitening it is so important to be on top of your oral health. Good oral health is a must. Tooth decay and gum disease are the most common oral diseases, and have been related to general health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It is critical to maintain a consistent effective daily oral hygiene routine. This will help against local diseases in the mouth and also general health issues.

Tooth brushing is the most important plaque control method and should be completed at least once daily, recommended twice daily. This should be started from an early age as soon as teeth appear in the mouth. Parents should brush children’s teeth until an age where the children can brush effectively themselves, normally at seven years of age. Tooth brushing technique is very important and should be taught to all ages. It is important that the plaque is removed effectively without causing damage to the teeth or gums on a daily basis.

Technique for tooth brushing:

The most effective form of brushing is short horizontal movements to help remove plaque build up at the gum margins. Carefully use a gentle scrub movement with the tooth brush, soft to medium tooth brushes are recommended. Small tooth brush heads allow for better access around the mouth. Battery powered brushes are very effective if the brush head is a rotation oscillation movement, in this case the head moves in one direction and then the other.

If brushing technique is incorrect, for instance excess pressure may cause gum recession and loss of tooth substance and strength. To relieve pressure it is best to hold the toothbrush between the thumb and forefinger rather than the palm of the hand.

It is recommended to brush twice daily.


Dental floss is as important if not more important than brushing when used correctly.

Use about 16 inches of floss, wind around the fingers and pull floss tight, gentle move the floss back and forth between the teeth and in a curved motion from one tooth to the gum and back up the side of the adjacent tooth. Do not place too much pressure on the flossing.

It’s back to basics for those who have not been taught properly on the importance of correct brushing and flossing. White Smile Clinic is more than willing to help and offer advice pre or post teeth whitening treatments in our Dublin Cork and Limerick clinics.