The Importance Of Teeth Whitening Take Home Kits

Many patients that come through our doors for teeth whitening in Dublin, Cork and Limerick often question the roll a teeth whitening take home kit would play in the overall results of their teeth whitening treatments. We would like to explain that the teeth whitening take home kit is just as important to your results as the laser treatment itself.

In October 2012 there was an EU wide change in teeth whitening regulations as to the hp percentages allowed in teeth whitening gels. This change has altered the teeth whitening process for every dentist and teeth whitening practitioner across Europe. Consequently achieving the best results takes a bit of consistency and perseverance.

There is no doubt that teeth whitening does work, every patient is different, and in rare cases patients may require a more customised teeth whitening route. We do however recommend the full one hour laser teeth whitening treatment followed by the teeth whitening take home kit for all patients wanting to achieve best results.

Over the years White Smile Clinic has become an expert in the field of teeth whitening. There is absolutely no doubt we know what is best the patient to achieve the desired results. We would maintain that all patients should at least consider our recommendations for the teeth whitening route they should take. It is very important.

Along with the in clinic laser teeth whitening treatment,  take home kits available at White Smile Clinic:

White Smile Pro (€59.99) – Used to help maintain the shade and will absolutely whiten the teeth to their best possible result after having the in clinic full laser teeth whitening treatment.