As you may well know the options for teeth whitening really come in two forms for results that show noticeable shade improvement. In clinic teeth whitening and take home kit teeth whitening are the only two forms of whitening that should be considered, for best results and safety.

In clinic teeth whitening is much more efficient and performed within an hour including same day consultation. The treatment is monitored by a dentist or dental professional and results are produced with your expectations taken into consideration. The medical grade laser system is used to open the pores in the enamel of the teeth which allows the whitening gels to remove any staining intrinsically and extrinsically across all teeth visible in your smile. For fast, effective teeth whitening results this is the best solution.

Take home kit teeth whitening can produce the same results as the laser whitening when performed consistently over a longer period of time. The kit should be worn for three to four hours per day for 14 days to ensure best results depending on the strength of the whitening gels used. Since the change in EU law, the maximum percentage of hydrogen peroxide allowed across the EU is 6%. It is important to consistently use the kit to ensure results are maximised.

We do however recommend to all patients to consider the use of both the laser system followed by the take home kit. It does ensure that shade improvement from the in clinic laser treatment is reinforced and maintained by the use of the take home kit after. As a conclusion the best way to whiten teeth in the EU especially, is through a combination of take laser and take home kit use.

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