Naturally people have lots of questions about laser teeth whitening. As naturally we provide a consultation before each treatment to ensure all of your questions are answered, but if you are thinking about booking an appointment here are a few useful facts about laser teeth whitening. We hope you find this helpful but if you are still unsure if teeth whitening is for you or not just give us a call or e-mail and we would be delighted to help.

Laser teeth whitening in most cases uses a high intensity beam of halogen and LED light, this helps accelerate the process so you see an excellent result within the hour. The best systems to look out for are Zoom! and Beyond Dental and Health – we use Beyond.

If you are a smoker, coffee, tea or regular red wine drinker you will see a dramatic whitening result within the hour, our system is is the worst enemy of food, drink and tobacco stains.

If you have grey, green or teeth stained from antibiotics you will see a great improvement in the colour of your teeth after the laser treatment. But you will need to follow up at home with home trays. This is important to help maintain your new shade and combat reversion. Look to our premium package at €160 on our website.

Composite, false teeth and crowns cannot whiten. Any stains built up on the surface will be removed but no laser system can change the colour of the man made material. In this case you should look to have your teeth whitened and then visit your dentist to help match the new shade.

Laser teeth whitening is utterly safe. The system we use is a class 1A medical device, FDA and CE approved. It cannot change or damage the structure of your teeth or gums. It is a simple cosmetic procedure.