Laser Teeth Whitening System Used at White Smile Clinic

Results from laser teeth whitening depend a lot on the laser system used during the teeth whitening treatment process. At White Smile Clinic we use the best laser teeth whitening system available worldwide. This laser teeth whitening system is produced by Beyond, Beyond are considered the best manufacturer of teeth whitening products globally.

Since 2009 Beyond have been awarded the Dental Advisor “Top In Clinic Whitening System” award every year. Beyond products are second to none in the teeth whitening industry and we can guarantee at White Smile Clinic you will not receive treatment from a better system. The results you will achieve from in clinic laser teeth whitening treatments at White Smile Clinic will not be bettered anywhere else in Europe. Most systems are just LED and therefore do not emit the light output required for laser teeth whitening to be effective. These LED only systems are essentially similar to shining a torch against your teeth. Beyond systems that we use at White Smile Clinic are powerful halogen based systems that produce the perfect light output required for effective laser teeth whitening.

The Beyond systems are very much designed to eradicate patient discomfort. The cold blue light output ensures that patients will not experience sensitivity during the laser teeth whitening process.

Below are a few key points that make our laser teeth whitening system far better than those produced anywhere else:

– Halogen-powered whitening accelerator, LED curing light, and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

– The most powerful halogen light output available, clinically proven to provide superior results to LED and plasma arc systems

– LightBridge™ light technology provides high-powered whitening

– Dual-arch whitening features gentle, normal, and intense light-output settings for the perfect treatment setting with each individual patient; Single-tooth whitening option included for precision, tailored treatment results

– Advanced filtration system removes all harmful heat and ultraviolet output, ensuring patient safety and comfort

– Built-in powerful LED curing light; dual wavelength output cures any dental composite on the market

– Head adjustment for patient comfort