teeth whitening

What is the difference between the BEYOND laser teeth whitening system used at White Smile Clinic and the other light-accelerated cosmetic teeth whitening systems seen in the mall and other spas/salons?

BEYOND teeth whitening systems use real power whitening technology. The foundation of their technology is the use of a powerful halogen light source. Clinical trials have determined that halogen light sources produce significantly superior teeth whitening results than both LED and plasma arc lights, making the BEYOND teeth whitening system the most powerful cosmetic teeth whitening system currently available.

There are also several systems in the teeth whitening market that use ultraviolet (UV) light as the source of their light acceleration technology. Not only are UV lights not as effective as halogen lights, the client’s exposure to UV light during the whitening treatment should be minimized, not maximized through direct, unfiltered exposure.

The BEYOND system contains an advanced light filtration system designed to remove all harmful heat and UV light. Light from the BEYOND Whitening Accelerator is filtered through over 12,000 optical fibers and 30 layers of coated optical glass before accelerating the whitening process. With this system in place, BEYOND delivers the most intense, tailored beam of blue light of any cosmetic system on the market without the risk of UV exposure and the hypersensitivity associated with other whitening systems.

Further to that, our gentle, enamel-safe whitening gel is specially formulated to produce optimal whitening results in the shortest amount of time, while minimizing sensitivity and leaving the teeth with a glossy shine following the treatment.