During the laser teeth whitening treatment, whitening gels are applied to your teeth. The laser helps to accelerate the whitening process by breaking down the whitening gels and opening the tiny tubules on the surface of the teeth called dentin tubules. The whitening gels are exposed to the dentin area of the tooth found directly under the enamel. When the teeth whitening gels penetrate through the enamel, pigmentation found in the dentin tubules oxidizes, rendering a white finish which is reflected through the translucent enamel.

Sensitivity from teeth whitening is very rare nowadays and if a patient feels any sensitivity it would be very minimal. Reduced sensitivity in treatments is due to modifications in the whitening gels and the use of the Beyond Laser Whitening Accelerator. The Beyond Laser used is a newer technology compared with many other teeth whitening accelerators on the market. Beyond is considered by many commentators to be the best manufacturer of teeth whitening products worldwide. The reason a patient may experience minor sensitivity is because the dentin tubules in the enamel stay open for up to 24 hours after the laser teeth whitening treatment.

After the laser teeth whitening treatment, patients should try to maintain what we call a “white diet” for 24 hours as this is the time it takes the dentin tubules to reduce. A “white diet” involves avoiding foods or drinks that would be capable of staining and a good test is to consider whether a white t shirt would be stained after rubbing a particular foodstuff onto it. Most especially, do not consume tobacco products, tea, coffee and red wine for 24 hours after treatment.

To achieve the best results possible it is recommended that patients would have the laser teeth whitening treatment followed by the use of a take home kit for a minimum of 10 days in a row. This will ultimately achieve the best results possible for any individual. If you would like to bring your teeth back to their whitest possible natural shade, then a take home kit should be considered essential. It is advisable that patients have the laser teeth whitening, assess results and decide if they are happy or would like to achieve a whiter shade. If the whiter shade is desired then the use of the take home kit is recommended.