After spending time and money on teeth whitening treatments or procedures, everyone wants to keep their teeth as sparkling white as possible. At White Smile Clinic, we advise our patients to follow three simple rules after your teeth whitening procedure in order to maintain your results.

Maintain a regular oral hygiene routine

Our last blog spoke about the importance of oral hygiene and its importance on keeping the teeth clean and healthy especially after teeth whitening. Routine brushing and flossing are the easiest ways to keep teeth clean and healthy. At the very minimum, brush twice a day.

For protection against coffee stains and red wine pigments, brush with a toothpaste that will protect against yellowing like the Pearl White toothpaste. Unlike any other whitening toothpaste, Pearl White removes deep teeth stains below the tooth’s surface and whitens the inside and outside of your teeth.

Avoid foods that stain the teeth

In the days following a whitening procedure, limit food and drinks that have a high staining potential. Coloured foods (e.g. tomato sauce, soy sauce, red meat etc.) will affect the lightness of teeth. Cigarettes and any type of tobacco will also reduce the quality of the whitening treatment. If you do choose to consume beverages that stain, consider using a straw so that the liquid bypasses your front teeth.

Visit your dentist regularly and use dentist recommended teeth whitening products.

After your procedure you should visit your dentist every three to six months for a general clean and exam. The take home kit helps prolong your whitening results. They help maintain a whiter smile and reduce the need and cost for intense professional whitening treatments.

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  • Tea/coffee/ red wine stains

  • Tobacco stains

  • To help with confidence and to look your best

  • Remove stains caused by medication

  • Job interview or important meeting/function


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