At White Smile Clinic we frequently get one particular query from our patients “Does laser teeth whitening hurt?” We will finally answer this query in this blog for all our patients to see and to understand why it does not hurt. Teeth whitening has become an extremely easy and straightforward procedure over the last few years.

Why laser teeth whitening does not hurt

Advances in the laser system used for teeth whitening ensures that the teeth do not dehydrate during the procedure. In the past, laser systems (heat lamps) dehydrated the teeth to make them whiter and therefore caused sensitivity during the treatment. Zoom treatments were based on a heat lamp which caused this dehydration. Always use a laser system that is a cold blue light when teeth whitening. All Beyond laser systems are cold blue lights and used at White Smile Clinic.
Advanced formula teeth whitening gels are now used in all teeth whitening treatments, these gels now contain desensitizing agents which make the treatment free of sensitivity. Since October 2012 the contents of hydrogen peroxide allowed in teeth whitening gels has been altered, this also has had a dramatic effect on reducing any sensitivity felt.
The laser systems and teeth whitening gels used at White Smile Clinic are FDA approved and are graded as medical devices. (Grade 1A Medical Device). Most other teeth whitening practitioners use cosmetic grade teeth whitening equipment which will not produce results.
Teeth whitening is very much pain free and sensitivity free nowadays compared to the past. The laser tooth whitening treatment does not change the shape or structure of the tooth in anyway and therefore does not damage the enamel of the tooth either. All in all laser teeth whitening is a safe, pain free, and effective treatment that produces great results when performed correctly.