Laser Teeth Whitening

LASER TEETH WHITENING Treatment time – 70 minutes including same day consultation. Laser teeth whitening has become hugely popular and is now as common as having a teeth clean and polish. It is very safe, non invasive and highly effective. Before your treatment, current tooth shade [...]


Custom Take Home Trays

CUSTOM TEETH WHITENING TAKE HOME TRAYS Two exact moulds of your top and bottom teeth for home whitening. On special for just €180. Treatment time – 20 minutes including consultation. Custom whitening trays are the most traditional method of teeth whitening. Two exact moulds of your top [...]


General Dental

GENERAL DENTISTRY - MOUNT MERRION, DUBLIN ONLY We currently provide general and cosmetic dentistry services in Mount Merrion, Dublin. Our practice is luxurious and spacious, with wifi in the waiting area. The Mount Merrion practice is situated next to Deerpark at 69 Deerpark Road. We accept VHI, [...]


Anti Wrinkle

ANTI WRINKLE INJECTABLES BTX - AVAILABLE IN DUBLIN 4 ONLY We offer anti wrinkle injectables BTX treatments: Anti wrinkle BTX injectables/muscle relaxants Anti Wrinkle BTX injections has had an explosion in popularity over the last couple of years. Injections are quick, easy, pain free, highly effective and [...]