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We currently provide general and cosmetic dentistry services in Mount Merrion, Dublin. Our practice is luxurious and spacious, with wifi in the waiting area. The Mount Merrion practice is situated next to Deerpark at 69 Deerpark Road. We accept VHI, Aviva, DeCare and all other dental insurance. We also accept PRSI patients who may be entitled to a yearly free check up.

The surgery boasts free parking all day every day at the front of the practice on street, or directly opposite in what used to be the old carpet shop. We are wheelchair accessible from the rear of the practice.

We offer a sophisticated and expert dental experience, where we hope people will look forward to visiting us. Our waiting area is elegant, relaxing and chic, with very comfortable couches and television. The dental treatment rooms are digitised, modern and include start of the art dental equipment to ensure the highest standards are adhered to throughout all our treatments.


Oral hygiene is very important and is an indicator of your overall general health. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis can help to prevent and detect any signs of health issues that may arise. We would recommend a dental check up every six months. This is more of a preventative measure, in the long run a bi-yearly check up will reward you with significantly less oral hygiene issues and expensive dental work being required down the line.

A routine exam will consist of:

  • Evaluating your oral hygiene
  • Charting of your teeth
  • Assessing your dental requirements
  • Checking your bite and jaw
  • We will produce a treatment plan documenting any treatments required and costs

A dental clean is an absolute must for overall oral hygiene, at least once yearly, twice yearly recommended. Again this is important for your overall general health, and longer term dental oral hygiene. Bad teeth are generally way more noticeable than good teeth. We actually have patients that come to us for a dental clean as their ‘lone time’!! It is pain free and straight away you will feel the effects after the treatment, smooth clean teeth.

Treatment Time: 30 Minutes
Within the treatment time our dentist will remove any plaque and calculus build up that may have occurred over time between your teeth and at the gum line. A check up and dental clean tend to go hand in hand and can be performed all with 30 minutes. This type of dental clean will remove any pockets of plaque that your normal at home cleaning and brushing will not remove. In the long term again this will prevent caries and the possibility of having to have teeth removed if left untreated.

A filling is required when a tooth decay causes a cavity to form. If a filling is required it is very important that you have the treatment, this will prevent further long term damage to the tooth and eliminate the potential of extraction resulting in further dental treatments to fill the gap. Fillings are pain free and very straightforward.

Filling Treatment:
We use composite fillings. This allows the filling to match the shade of your other teeth. Amalgam, gold and other fill materials are available if required.

Through accidents, tooth decay and growth direction, an extraction may be required. We simply remove the tooth from the mouth which in most cases is pain free. Our main priority is to restore the tooth before we consider an extraction. If there is a suitable and agreeable method of restoration we will certainly take this route.

Wisdom teeth can cause many problems within the mouth, resulting in wisdom tooth extractions. They are the most common form of extraction Between the ages of 17 and 25, most people will have all four wisdom teeth erupt. Sometimes the only option is extraction.

Generally when wisdom teeth erupt, they cause discomfort within the mouth due to the lack of space for the wisdom tooth to grow. This can cause the other teeth in the mouth to shift, buckle or crowd. In most cases extraction under anaesthetic is the only option to relieve pain. Again, alternative options will be considered before extraction.

We would most importantly need to see you first and perform x-rays, we can then advise on the treatment required. In some cases wisdom teeth extractions require surgical treatment which would need to be need to be referred to an oral surgeon.

When tooth decay reaches the nerve of a tooth or a tooth is infected, root canal treatment generally becomes the treatment of choice. It tends to be performed when a tooth cannot be restored from any other method. After removing the pulp chamber of the tooth and maintaining the root of the tooth, the tooth is then filled.

Two to three visits to our practice is required to completely restore the tooth. It is important that once started, you complete the entire root canal treatment.

Have a dental emergency? Call us on 01 667 8524

  • We will ensure to see you immediately. If you are in pain you must attend the dentist straight away, even if that means taking time off work. If you cannot take time off work then you are probably not in that much pain and don’t require an emergency appointment!!!
  • We are on hand to see you immediately
  • Situated a minutes’ drive from the N11 in the heart of south Dublin

Dental crowns ‘cap’ and cover existing teeth or whats left of an existing tooth. They are a great way to restore teeth to their natural shape and size. The treatment requires a couple of visits. Most crowns are made from porcelain or metal. We recommend crowns when a tooth has broken, worn away or had bad decay.

Crowns are very common dental treatments. Within a couple of visits the impressions will be taken, the tooth will be prepared and finally the crown will be fitted. Our crowns come with a 5 year warranty. We crowns are porcelain, porcelain fused to metal(PFM), zirconium and gold crowns.

A dental bridge may be required if you are missing one or more teeth. This can have an impact on your bite which could cause significant issues, teeth movement, periodontal disease, speech impediment and a higher chance of tooth decay.

Using very strong dental bonding material a bridge will be cemented to the natural teeth on either side of the gap created by the missing tooth. A replacement tooth is attached to the crowns that cover the teeth on either side of the gap.

Dental bridges tend to require consideration and advice with regard to the materials used. Our dentist will ensure you are comfortable and happy that the bridge material used is best for your situation. Our bridges come with a five year warranty.

Dental Veneers are pre made or false teeth placed over teeth to help protect a damaged surface, fill a gap or simply to improve the aesthetics of a tooth. In most cases veneers are considered due to aesthetics and used to create a more appealing smile.

A check up would be required first to determine if you are suitable for veneers. We can lay out all options and costs involved. We offer a five year warranty on all our veneers.

A full or partial denture is worn as a replacement for missing natural teeth. You can easily remove a denture at will. Helping to improve chewing ability, speech and provide support to facial muscles dentures significantly improve the aesthetics of a smile when natural teeth are missing.

Dentures do require maintenance just as your natural teeth do. Brushing and flossing will ensure no plaque build up especially around the gum line. Applying a denture with an adhesive is great for support and confidence especially when chewing. All our dentures come with a 5 year warranty.

Available for sports professionals and amateurs alike, sports guards offer great comfort and protection when playing regular contact or indeed non contact sports. Look after those teeth!!


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