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LED Teeth Whitening Kit


Being dentists, we’re qualified to tell you that stained teeth are an annoyingly bad look! So, we created the first actual dental grade teeth whitening kit.


Whiter teeth instantly
Rejuvenate teeth for a radiant/youthful smile
No sensitivity & Non invasive
Quickly and easily improve your smile
Use at home
Confidence boost
Smile more
Make good first impressions

Clinical Results:

Our 8 week clinical study, 50 women and 50 men using White Smile Pro once daily for 6 days:
98% experienced improvement of 3 shades
91% saw instant shade improvement
89% felt no sensitivity
96% were more confident to smile after use

Nervous? 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Difference:

The difference lies in our next generation 5.0 advanced formula teeth whitening gels – being dentists only we can sell these gels. Our gels are uniquely engineered for superior whitening results by our lead cosmetic dentist. All other well known kits are non-dentist created.

Ideal For:

Sensitive Teeth. Food & Drink Stained Teeth. Ageing Teeth. Intrinsic Tooth Staining. Extrinsic Tooth Staining. Crooked Teeth.

What’s Included:
3 x Advanced Formula Whitening Gels
4 x Impression Moulding Putty
2 x Blue Mouth Trays For Teeth Impressions
1 x Whitening Trays Container
1 x White Smile Pro Instructions

Key Ingredients:
Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Glycerol, Propylene Glycerol, Deionized Water, Triethanolamine,Carbomer, Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium, Menthol.

Recommended Usage:
For best results, our dentists recommend using your teeth whitening trays initially for 6 consecutive days, 1 hour per day. This will ensure best results. From this point on you can use the remaining gels to top up and maintain your shade. Each use just requires 1/4 ML in the top tray and 1/4 ML in the bottom tray. Therefore, each syringe should get you six 1 hour applications. Apply the gels to the front wall of the trays to ensure the gels are in contact with the front of your teeth. We recommend brushing your teeth prior to each use.


We have been teeth whitening since 2007. We have completed over 200,000 in surgery teeth whitenings across all our surgeries. Based on our in-surgery teeth whitening experience, we wanted to engineer an actual dental grade teeth whitening kit that would provide our customers with superior dental grade teeth whitening results at home. A teeth whitening kit that is as close as possible to the power of in-surgery laser teeth whitening. The result is White Smile Pro.