You probably wont believe it but teeth whitening has been around for a long time, centuries in fact and more recently laser teeth whitening has come to the fore as the best way to maintain a great tooth shade.

Early humans used teeth whitening methods to maintain healthy teeth
Crowns and veneers do potentially whiten back to their original shade
Teeth whitening can produce results up to 14 shades whiter
Best results are achieved when laser teeth whitening is followed by take home teeth whitening kits
Best results are achieved when teeth whitening take home kits are used daily for at least 10 days in a row an hour per day
New gels make teeth whitening pain and sensitive free
Only use laser teeth whitening equipment produced by Beyond, all other “laser” or LED lights do not produce results
Heavily stained teeth may require more than one teeth whitening treatment
Teeth whitening results are more noticeable the more stained your teeth are compared with if your teeth are white already prior to treatment