One of the most common questions we get asked about teeth whitening is does it cause sensitivity?

The answer in truth is not as simple as yes or no and can be broken down to two separate questions;

1, does teeth whitening cause long term sensitivity issues? No.

Whether you carry out at home whitening or laser teeth whitening the treatment cannot leave you with sensitive teeth or any more or less sensitive than they were before. We all know that some people suffer from sensitivity more than others. There are some great over the counter toothpastes that can really help people who suffer from sensitivity issues but generally if you have sensitive teeth you will always have sensitive teeth. Teeth whitening in all its forms is a cosmetic treatment so it cannot leave your teeth forever sensitive after treatment. There are no long term side effects with teeth whitening as itself is not a permanent solution.

2, Will my teeth be sensitive after treatment? Yes, possibly.

It makes sense that as a rule, if you have sensitive teeth then after a teeth whitening treatment your teeth may well be sensitive. It also makes sense that if you have never suffered from sensitivity then you probably won’t be sensitive after treatment. Of course with most things there is no hard and fast rule and it of course differs from person to person. Tooth sensitivity after the treatment can simply be because your teeth have been exposed to the cold air while your mouth is open during treatment. Either way if you do feel slightly sensitive after treatment it will pass. Usually within a few hours, in some extreme cases it can last over night but the point is that it will pass.

The system we use and the whitening gels we apply to the teeth contain a formula to reduce the chance of feeling sensitivity after teeth whitening. About 10% of the customers we see report sensitivity issues after treatment.

If you are still concerned about sensitivity and have further queries, please contact us for advice.