Teeth whitening Dublin has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments available in Dublin since its introduction through specialised teeth whitening clinics 9 years ago. These clinics maintain a lower cost base as compared with a normal dental surgery and therefore can pass the savings on to the patient. Full dental surgeries offering teeth whitening tend to charge more in most cases due to the cost of running the surgery on a per hour rate.

Not only can teeth whitening clinics reduce the cost per treatment, if selecting the correct clinic they can maintain dental standards. Dental standards become apparent in teeth whitening with regards to the laser system used and the practitioner performing the treatment.

Most laser systems used for teeth whitening dublin tend to be just LED lights and are quite simply similar to shining a torch against the mouth are. The purpose of the laser is to accelerate the teeth whitening process by opening the pores in the enamel of the teeth allowing the whitening gels to remove the staining on the surface of the tooth as well as within the tooth. When you simply shine an LED lamp against the mouth area it will not contain the required light output for laser teeth whitening to produce results. The best system is a mix of LED and halogen light, this creates a light output ideal for teeth whitening and maximising results as used at White Smile Clinic.

Finally, it is important to ensure teeth whitening is performed by a qualified practitioner, namely a dentist. This will ensure best results and correct advice as to what the appropriate treatment would be based on a patient by patient basis. Teeth whitening when performed correctly can be very effective, but every patient is different. Some need more than others.