When it comes to choosing the dental clinic that performs your laser teeth whitening treatments it is important that you look for certain criteria during your research. At White Smile Clinic we believe there are three key points to note when considering laser teeth whitening and teeth whitening treatments:

1. Dentist/dental professional performing treatments – it is important that you query whether the person performing the laser teeth whitening treatment is a dental professional. Many company’s use non qualified personnel or the business owner to perform treatments. This could result in negative side effects from the treatment, and poor quality treatment. Oral hygiene advice and after care advice will not be to the standard of a qualified dental professional. At White Smile Clinic we use Irish registered dentists, and dental nurses. At our head dental surgery in Mount Merrion, our dentist Dr Richard M Flynn can offer the option of full dental cleans on your teeth prior to the laser teeth whitening treatments.

2. Laser teeth whitening accelerators and gels – ensure that the company performing the laser teeth whitening treatment uses a whitening accelerator that combines halogen and LED light output, and is a medically graded machine, such as Beyond accelerators. Beyond lasers for instance are manufactured based on many years of research in the teeth whitening industry. The Beyond lasers perform to the optimal level required to produce the best results from laser teeth whitening. Any other lasers that just produce LED output only, perform to a level that is similar to shining a torch on your teeth, consequently producing no results for the patient. The teeth whitening gels that work in conjunction with the laser should also be of the highest quality available, beware of clinics that only offer salon grade whitening gels. Our dentists use medical grade whitening gels.

3. Results – teeth whitening is very much a results based and performance based industry. It is a little harder nowadays to achieve spectacular results from teeth whitening treatments due to changes in legislation with regards to the whitening gels. We believe it is important to find a reputable teeth whitening treatment provider to ensure that you receive the best possible treatments and results. For teeth whitening to be successful it is important that the provider adheres to a strict process. In rare cases teeth whitening may not take on the first full treatment and therefore the patient may need to come to the clinic for a second treatment or use a take home kit. The provider of the treatment should understand teeth whitening and know that this issue may occur and be open to seeing the patient again. Ensure that the provider is keeping the patient to the forefront and that all roads will be exhausted to achieve the best results possible for each individual. Each patient is different and results vary.