Laser teeth whitening and teeth whitening treatments are commonplace and a great alternative to rejuvenating our smiles rather than going through with major dental treatments. Here are some quick tips about teeth whitening and shade maintenance which may help to keep those teeth sparkling white –

Laser teeth whitening should always be followed up with use of a take home teeth whitening kit for optimum results.
Where possible try to have your teeth scaled and polished within the previous six months of your laser teeth whitening treatment. Again this helps to achieve optimum results.
After laser teeth whitening and other teeth whitening treatments please be careful about what you consume – try to stay away from anything with a heavy colour. For instance, stay away from anything that would stain a white t shirt for 24 hours if possible.
Funnily enough, a natural way to keep your teeth clean and crisp is to bite into and consume apples and other crunchy fruits!!
Have a teeth whitening take home kit at your disposal all the time, when you feel your tooth shade is dimming simply pop in the teeth whitening trays for an hour per day minimum for 5 days to give them a boost.
Use a whitening toothpaste – Beyond Pearl White is available at all White Smile clinics and is very effective to help maintain the shade.
Use a battery operated toothbrush where the head oscillates – back and forth movement on a central point ie the tooth
Floss teeth daily – this is important for gums but also prevents staining between the teeth or on the edges of teeth.
Ultimately keeping your teeth perfectly white is going to be a war, teeth will always stain no matter what, even crowns, bridges veneers will stain over time. Laser teeth whitening is a fantastic way to kick off your new shade followed by a combination of the above tips. Smoking, coffee/tea/red wine consumption on a regular basis will result in quicker staining to the teeth, but removing these from your life generally requires a big change in your lifestyle and diet. As with anything in life – maintenance is key.