Every day we consume many foods drinks and products that really do affect our teeth and their shade over time. With less harsh consumables it would take many years before they start to stain the teeth. There are however many substances that can have quite a quick impact on the shade of your teeth and the health of your teeth. If you want to try maintain that perfect smile it would really take quite some effort to be wary of what one consumes on a daily basis. Tooth shade, like anything in life is about maintenance and consistently being aware about what you consume.

Laser teeth whitening at White Smile Clinic can help to eradicate all the staining built up over the years. The teeth whitening treatments help to remove any substances in the dentine of the teeth which controls colour in the tooth.

The main dangers for tooth staining:

· Smoking – long term smoking may require laser teeth whitening treatment x 2, plus take home kit, it is definitely more difficult to eradicate as the years go on

· Coffee

· Tea

· Red wine

· Antibiotics when taken as a kid

· Sauces – strong coloured sauces can cause some staining

· Cola

· Sweets

· Sports drinks

· Certain diseases

· Aging

· Genetics

Acidic and sugary foods and beverages do tend to weaken the enamel which allows for staining in the teeth to take effect. If you would like to counteract the staining process you might consider minor changes in lifestyle, especially in the consumption of certain foods and beverages. It is always advisable to maintain good oral hygiene daily, brushing and flossing. You should consider visiting your dentist every six months for a clean. To get the best results from laser teeth whitening and other teeth whitening treatments it would be considered best practice to have your teeth cleaned prior if you have not already done so in the previous six months prior to the teeth whitening treatment.

We know through long term experience at White Smile Clinic that the best results stem from a clean prior to whitening, followed by the laser teeth whitening treatment and use of a tooth whitening take home kit. This course will no doubt produce as good as a result possible for your particular teeth. Every patient has a different natural colour in their teeth, some are naturally coloured darker than others, this is why sometimes teeth whitening treatments can only go so far on certain patients. In most cases we achieve great results, and certainly best results for maintaining that white smile come from the path described above.