Teeth stain no matter what. As we age, our teeth change and become more susceptible to staining. There are two types of tooth staining.

Intrinsic staining: the internal structure of the tooth becomes stained, yellow or dark. There are several contributors to internal tooth staining – trauma, medicines, excessive fluoride as a kid. Internal discolouration of the tooth is not normally removed on a permanent basis. However, it can be treated through cosmetic dental procedures such as laser tooth whitening or tooth whitening kits.

Extrinsic staining: the external or outer surface of the tooth structure becomes stained due to extrinsic agents. As we all know, the main contributors to external tooth staining are coffee, red wine, sugar based beverages and smoking. Again, laser teeth whitening and teeth whitening take home kits are the most efficient, painless and effective route to eradicating external staining.

Although laser teeth whitening might be a one off hit to personal finances, the boost in confidence is very much worth the time and money. Maintaining oral health will mitigate further damage to your teeth.