If we look at the structure of the tooth we will understand how staining of the tooth occurs. Through years and years of wear and tear the tooth becomes stained as foods, drinks and other substances allow plaque and staining to occur. It’s interesting to understand the structure of the tooth in order to get a better understanding of how this occurs.

There are four tissues that make up the tooth, the enamel, dentin, cementum and pulp. The enamel is the outer area of the tooth and acts as the protection and barrier for the tooth. It is the strongest part of the tooth. The enamel area has no living cells and therefore the human body cannot reproduce any cracked or chipped parts of the enamel. As this occurs the tooth must be reconstructed by a dentist. The enamel protects the tooth in its daily use, chewing and biting.

Inside the enamel is the dentine area, it’s softer than the enamel but also helps to protect the tooth. As the dentine is softer it is more susceptible to decay. Cavities can occur in the dentine area which may cause rapid decay of the tooth. This area of the tooth should be cared for properly and checked regularly. The dentine area is responsible for the colouring of the tooth. Sometimes the enamel is mistaken for the area that produces colour in the tooth. In fact the enamel is a translucent tissue.

Stability of the tooth comes from the cementum. The cementum is again one of the softer tissues that makes up the tooth. At the apex of the tooth the cementum is strongest. Finally the pulp contains all the nerves and blood vessels in the tooth. When you feel sensitivity and tooth ache it is due to the pulp area of the tooth.

Main causes of staining:

Drinking tea/coffee


Build up of plaque due to poor hygiene

Antibiotics taken during development of teeth

Laser teeth whitening at White Smile Clinic can certainly help to bring your teeth back to their natural shade and potentially a couple of shades whiter depending on the patient’s requirements. Laser teeth whitening treatments tend to be the most efficient and effective way to bring patient’s tooth shade up. As we state in most of our material we do recommend tooth whitening in the following way – use of the in clinic laser teeth whitening followed by the use of a teeth whitening take home kit. This will undoubtedly produce the best results possible for your teeth from teeth whitening treatments available. If you have any queries or questions regarding the laser teeth whitening process please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.